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Your solution supplier for dehydrated ingredients in Latin America.


Our solutions. We commit on giving our customers more than just ingredients; we collaborate on their developments, supply alternatives, warehousing, quality analysis as well as delivery on time according to their needs. Let us work along with you on providing the best solution for your need.

No, besides selling dehydrated natural ingredients and functional additives for meat performance, we have logistics and warehousing solutions all throughout Latin America.

A dehydrated ingredient is a natural ingredient that goes through an specific technology to remove the water in it completely. This process allows the ingredient to keep its color, flavor, aroma and properties without any chemicals in it. Completely natural!

We have Freeze dried, Air dried, Sun dried, Spray dried and Drum dried ingredients. Each technology gives the ingredient different properties.

The most common technology is Air-Dry. It allows the ingredients to rehydrate in a few minutes keeping most of their properties.

The ideal technology is the Freeze-dry. It also preserves the color and shape of your ingredient.

The uses are diverse: Soups, dressings, sauces, condiments, tea, bakery, cereals, snacks, power bars, natural colorants, supplements, jams and jellies, instant drinks, pet food and much more.

We have supply chains from over 20 countries. The origin of your ingredient will depend on the properties you need it to comply with.

We are strategically located in Mexico, Brazil, Chile and Colombia.

We have strategic alliances with selected partners around the world to supply top quality ingredients. Tell us exactly what you need so we can find it together.

Yes, tell us what you need and we will do our best to get it for you.

Sure, we can develop the project together and deliver the Tons you need. Please take into account that depending on the ingredient we require a minimum purchase.

Of course, we have a specialized team with expertise in foreign trade in Latin America.

Contact us and a specialist will analyze your need.

We ship your ingredient wherever you need it. We are experts in logistics and we can also offer you storage and reprocessing for your dehydrated ingredients.

We are up to date with market trends. This way we can give you different ingredient alternatives aligned to your product requirements.

Sure, part of our additional services include mixing, grinding, metal detection and much more.

We have different alternatives so you can choose the one that best suits your needs.

Yes. Our distribution network and local infrastructure gives us the advantage of offering you supply and delivery alternatives.

Of course, our success stories go from improving a product or your supply chain to even giving you diverse ingredient options with multiple benefits.

One to five days if the ingredient is in our warehouses. If we need to import your ingredient, delivery times can extend up to 120 days due to availability in origin, transit times, importation and local delivery.

Though it depends on the ingredient, the average shelf life is from 6 to 12 months. In good storage conditions, this time can be extended.

We have different solutions. Contact us and tell us what you need so we can offer you the ideal one.

We can help you understand them and comply with them.

We would love to hear all your inquiries and suggestions.